Slane Whiskey Distillery

Slane Distillery - From stable hands to whiskey makers. There exists no other distillery like it.

Slane Whiskey Distillery is located within the 250 year old stables of the Iconic Slane Castle estate  just 50 minutes north of Dublin .

The new distillery pays homage to the resilient nature of our heritage and the surrounding lands that we call home.  Allow our story tellers to immerse you into our wonderful world of whiskey.

The fabrics of the Conyngham family tapestry are carefully woven through an interactive and immersive tour of our state of the art working distillery. Finish the tour in the best way possible, with a taste of our signature triple casked blend, Slane Irish Whiskey.

The ultimate Irish whiskey experience. There could be no finer setting in which to discover the nature of Irish whiskey than Ireland’s Boyne Valley. Housed within the 250-year-old stables of the iconic Slane Castle Estate, our guided tours of Slane Whiskey Distillery uncover a history like no other.

Take a trip back in time as our storytellers guide you through the fabric of the Conyngham family tapestry, chapter by chapter. Discover the ancient art of Irish whiskey making. Explore Slane Whiskey distillery where three different types of Irish whiskey are made: Malt, Grain and Pot Still. Learn about the process behind our triple casked blend, the craftsmanship that goes into each of our three casks and the flavours and aromas that each cask contributes to the whiskey’s smooth yet full bodied character.

Complete this interactive, immersive tour of Slane Whiskey Distillery with a tutored whiskey tasting that allows you to assess this character for yourself by enjoying a sample of of our Slane Irish Whiskey.

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